Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q1

Ok, I am trying on all fronts
to make 2014 the year of quilty finishes,
get UFO's moving into completed quilts. 

So I joined Katy at  'The littlest thistle
and her Finish Along 2014.
What a perfect fit - 
details here!

This is my Q1 list - 
and before I come to my senses,
I better post it:
1) Complete x&+ quilt
(rows are sewn)

2) Complete Cathedral Star quilt
(need miles of binding...)

3) Complete Hashtag quilt
(rows are sewn)

4) Complete Celtic Solstice
(blocks to finish and more)

5) Complete Lenora's B'day signature quilt
(blocks done, layout / sashing pending)

6) Complete Orca Bay
(top done, border decision needed)

7) Complete "Fit for a Hero"
(border needs to be pieced, then top sewn)

Well, this is more a year long list,
-not a quarter-
but whatever doesn't get done
I will roll over to the next quarter.
Come and join,

Wish me luck,
I may need the help of some snow days...
Yet every finish is a success!


  1. You have some gorgeous quilts here that are so close to being finished. Think how happy you will feel when they are done!

  2. Good luck with your list, so many are so close!

  3. Your list seems optimistic but you are almost done with so many of them...I'll keep rooting you on and maybe I'll get some of your MoJo.


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