Sunday, January 12, 2014

Design Wall Monday

On Saturday we met 
for a sew-in day with the GLHQ guild
and I completed all Celtic Solstice Block A
and 1 block B...

Then I got going on my real January goal
and sewed 2 more X&+ blocks
I love her approach and
never will mix up the order of my blocks again!
Looking at my earlier pictures,
I changed my original plan 
of a 5 x 7 to a 6 x 6 lay-out.
What's left to do is
to sew the rows together into a quilt top
and make a decision 
if it needs borders.

Go and check it out!


  1. Love the + & X quilt. I have it on my "want to some day" list.

  2. Boy, your X & + quilt is great! I have not really liked that pattern before, but the fabrics you used makes it really pop. Nice!! I use the "webbing" method, too, and won't sew a top together any other way. Saves a lot of time in the end!

  3. The fabric in your x & + quilt is fresh and lively. It will make a terrific quilt. Good luck on your Celtic Solstice quilt. It's so pretty when it is finished. You are quite courageous.

  4. I really like the x & + quilt especially the second row - yellow circle!! You are over 1/2 done with Celtic and it is still one of my favorites!!

  5. Love the x & + quilt Barb and agree with Judy--the Celctic Solstice is a favorite too with your colors!! :-)


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