Sunday, January 19, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Have a look at my latest status of Celtic Solstice:
In fact I have now 
16 pinwheel blocks completed,
only 9 more to go!
While I may be slow compared to other sewers,
this is still my fastest Bonnie mystery to date!

I also completed sewing the X&+ top
and am contemplating to add borders or not.
The colors are much prettier in real life...
but the question remains:
follow the pattern and add a grey border?

I am open for your suggestions!

Happy sewing,


  1. Barb is this pattern x & + from a magazine or purchased from a store? I ask because I would really love to make a quilt like this! If a magazine would you give me the name please.

  2. I like the gray border - it seems to bring out the colors in the blocks. Or, you could consider the size and the quilting machine capability - maybe the size it is now is better for backing and quilting.

  3. I like the gray, too. Would red be too much? Or a small red inner border? I just love your x &+ quilt. Your Celtic Solstice is really pretty, too. The colors just pop.

  4. That grey really makes the colors pop. Are those fabrics from the Hoopla line? That's one of my favorite lines.

  5. I have to agree with the consensus - I really like the gray. It puts the focus of the beautiful color in the center.

  6. Do like the grey border also--both quilts are beautiful!!

  7. I like the grey border, but if you like the size it currently is, it will look nice without it also.


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