Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 2 goals

My Finish Along is slow going here at Paint Creek Quilt,
but every completed quilt is one less UFO.

So I will be doing a
of some of my FAL Q1 goals
and hope this time they'll get done!

Coming right up my Q2 list:
1) Quilt and Bind Hashtag top

2) Quilt and Bind X&+ top

3) Quilt and Bind Fit for a Hero top

4) Complete Lenora's b'day signature quilt
This has still a long way to go,
but would love to finish it in May:
* add sashing strips,
* sew blocks into top
* add border,
* quilt & bind...
5) Complete Celtic Solstice quilt
Meaning: add borders, quilt & bind
6) Complete Orca Bay quilt
Borders, quilt and bind

Can you see a theme here?
Trying to tackle my 
"Mount TBQ (To-Be-Quilted)" - 
let's hope it'll shrink in Q2!
Linking up to the FAL Q2 opening party.

Happy quilting
and good luck with your goals,

Monday, April 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday

While I have been sewing a bit
there is nothing exciting on my wall,
but a charity top close to being finished.
That counts for something 
and I can use my living room floor again - nice!

Thank you to all of you
that helped with my design decision - 
I used the "broken strip" design.

And am real glad to have all the HST's
in an almost completed top.
It got quite hairy there for some time
to get the design put back together
after some willy-nilly continuous piecing...
a big mess or rather puzzle time for me.
Yes, there are just 3 more seams left,
but I ran out of steam.
I still have to make a border decision though.
Only got a yard of fabric
and that might not be enough.
Will see once I get the final top measurements.
Linking up to Judy's DWM post.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

April - goal setting party for ALYOF

It is such a great motivator
of joining so many quilters 
and getting things done - 
so here is my April goal for 
I would like to get my 
Hashtag top quilted:

This means first I need to sew the backing,
then load and quilt it.
Still deciding on the quilting motive though...
I'll be using the border fabric
"Florence" by Denyse Schmidt
for the backing as well
and sure hope I have enough on hand.

Check out the linky list 
and join!

Happy sewing,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 1 Finish Party

Well, it's time for the Quarter 1 Finish party of
I at least managed to complete one!
My Cathedral Star quilt
Binding and all!
It only took me years to get it done,
but the result is beautiful
and the quilt can finally be used!

Before picture:

And after picture:

I love it!
And in case you want to make one, too,
here is the link to Bonnie's free pattern.
Go check out the Q1 Linky party 

Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

ALYOF - finishes party March

was to complete 
the "Fit for a Hero" quilt top.
Before picture:

And after picture -
Yes, I did it!
thanks for hosting!
Click below
to go to the March Linky party,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Design Wall Monday

After the GLHQ Guild's 
Charity Sewing day on Saturday
I have been playing around with HST
for the final lay-out of this donation quilt:
So here comes my question to you:
do you like the left side better
or the right side?
I just changed the position 
of the pinkish HST's
to a solid strip on left
and a 'broken' strip on  the right.
Thanks you for your feedback!

I also received a fabulous package in the mail
from my BQFF Judy
have a look:
I just love the Log Cabin pillow
and it fits my living room colors perfectly.
And then she added 
some Aurifil spools and bobbins
for my new 'used' Bernina 230 - 
Yes, I am blessed to have such 
fabulous and generous friends!
Thanks Judy,
you are the best!!!

Last week I tried my new EZ boards 
Flamingo in 6 inch size
on a Charity quilt:
(Oops, it's sideways...)
The front was not too exciting 
with cheater fabric,
but hopefully the quilt will help 
keep someone warm 
and feel loved!
Linking up on Monday
to all the other DWM posts

Happy stitching,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday

It's done!
All 4 (!) borders for
Fit for a Hero are sewn
and the top is completed!
Yes, it was some marathon sewing 
over the weekend,
but it looks great.
It even looks flat and non-wavy :-)
And another almost UFO
has joined the to-be-quilted pile:
All this border sewing
hasn't made me a border lover or convert yet,
but there is hope...

Go and check out 
all the other fabulous projects

Happy St. Paddy's Day,