Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cross the Drunkard's Path QAL

A late addition 
to the DP quilt along
due to operator error.
Arrgh - I was so close
and then disaster struck.

You can see it in the picture:
3 blocks were cut by accident.
Big ooops -
I am not a happy camper,
but I still do like the turtle
and rabbit :-)

Please tell me:
Am I the only one
messing up like this?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I had a great sew-in 
this Saturday
and worked on a few projects.

Main success: 
finishing my Hawk's Nest top
and with the fantastic help
of my sewing companions
making the inner border decision!

Close-up with navy dotted inner border:
I love it
and I do have enough fabric left
to make it happen!
I also attached the binding 
on my guild mystery quilt
and am slowly hand stitching it down.
One side down, 
3 more to go.
Not bad for me
and my binding phobia!

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Happy stitching,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 4 goals

There is just one quarter left in 2014
and I need to put 
my goals together.
For this Finish Along
only completed items count...
and I do need a strong final quarter
to get some UFO's moving!
Maybe a lot of wishful thinking,
but hey, I have to try.

Okay - here it goes:
1) Complete binding on guild mystery quilt

2) Finish b'day quilt - it has become a b'day to christmas quilt...
(sew top, quilt & bind)

3) Finish Wagon Wheel quilt 
(sashing and border + quilt & bind)

4) Finish Fit for a Hero quilt
(quilt & bind)

And now comes the dream list - 
I may have to quit working
and sew non-stop until xmas though...
maybe it's more a type of UFO list...

5) Finish x & + quilt
(border, quilt & bind)

6) Finish Fractured quilt 
(quilt & bind)

7) Finish Garden Path quilt 
(quilt & bind)

8) Finish Hawk's Nest 
(complete the top, quilt & bind)

Alright then - 
I better stop now ;-0

There are 8 projects and 12 weeks left,
meaning 1 1/2 week per project, hmmm.
Sometimes I just have to 
list my stuff
and get re-acquainted and motivated.
Will let you know if it works...

Every single finish 
will be celebrated
and means one less 
carry-over project into 2015.

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I guess this means:
sew, sew, sew,
sew, sew,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I am currently working
on sewing my Hawk's Nest blocks
into a top:
the 4 bottom right diagonal rows 
have been sewn together.
Then I came across
this border fabric:
The photo doesn't show the exact colors,
but hopefully you get the idea.
Please let me know:
Do you like the border fabric?

The original quilt has a million HST 
in the outer border
which I won't manage 
to sew in my lifetime...
So I thought the effect 
of this busy chevron-arrow fabric 
is similar
and perfect for the quilt...
Maybe I need not a cheddar, 
but different color smaller inner border?

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Cross the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along

I have been eyeing 
my 4 inch Accuquilt die
for Drunkard's Path
and just needed a good reason to use it.
And here comes Vicki and starts
So I can finally conquer 
sewing curves
the 'modern' die-cut way!

While google-ing & bing-ing
for Drunkard's Path images,
I came across Dani's fabulous
Photo by Dani Miller used with permission

Isn't this just the cutest DP quilt ever?
Yes, you can use a cutting die:
you'll have to trim the blocks
as perfectly shown in Dani's tutorial.
Just wondering if my 4 inch die
is too small - her tutorial
works with trimmed 6 inch blocks.
Mine would be trimmed to around 3 inches...

But I do have a won Kona bundle
that would nicely provide the needed colors...
The 2nd DP quilt pic that
 caught my eye
comes from the book
and is called 
Nine Patch Curves:
where I could put my low volume 
and monochromatic fabrics
to good use:

Yes, I am joining the QAL
but am still making up my mind
which pattern to use.
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Off to sew some practice curves,

Friday, October 3, 2014

October Goal setting Party - ALYoF

So many choices,
so little time.
Which project to pick
as my October goal for ALYoF?
urgent removal of Hawk's Nest blocks
from my living room floor!!!
So here it goes:
complete sewing all blocks together in a top.
Just the blocks,
border decision will follow later.
Here is the current status:
Hawk's Nest - Bonnie Hunter pattern
let's get sewing.
Come and join the linky party here.

Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September finishes party - ALYoF

It's the 30th of September
and I almost forgot to link up
my ALYoF September goal of
binding my "Flower Bed" quilt:

It's not my best machine binding ever,
but with sinus, ear and teeth infection
it's the best I could manage!

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