Friday, November 27, 2015

Celtic Solstice top - DONE!

After months of no sewing
I have been really productive on my UFO's:
I just finished adding 
the final border on Celtic Solstice!
Yeah, the 2nd top completed this week.
Both old Bonnie Hunter mysteries
that got stalled in the border stage,
my usual dilemma...

Wow, I really love this quilt top!
The colors, the design,
just everything!
Glad I got it moved 
to the 'to be quilted pile'
and can now concentrate on starting
Sure hope this time I will get over 
my border phobia... ha ha.

Linking up to Jo's pre-mystery link-up.
Well, technically I am a bit past-mystery,
but a finished top is always good, right?

Hope you are enjoying 
the long weekend
as much as I do,

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Grand Illusion top - DONE!

Today I finished adding 
the borders to my GI top
which means: a happy dance
and a finished quilt top!
Just hours before 
the next Quiltville mystery starts.
Wow, that was just in time
and I surprised myself 
that got it done in time.
(not a great pic, but it has to do)

Linking up to

Happy Thanksgiving,

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pre-mystery UFO challenge

has this pre-mystery UFO challenge going:
to finish a Bonnie Hunter mystery UFO (or other) 
before the next Bonnie mystery starts
during the Thanksgiving Holiday.
What a great idea - 
and I have been plugging along 
on my Grand Illusion top:

I had opted for a smaller version of Grand Illusion
with a 4 x 5 block setting - 
and am stuck at the point 
when I should be sewing my borders on.
The short end of the pieced border 
is approx. 1 inch too short:

My usual dilemma - and I am ready to give up.
I tried pressing and pulling, but to no avail.
What now? 
Marking and sewing the pieced border
to the inner yellow border 
at a smaller distance?
Meaning the inner border ends up
being maybe just 3/4 inch finished size?

Thanks Jo for hosting:
you certainly made me buckle down
and get a Bonnie top closer to being finished!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Wow, time sure flies 
when you are having fun...

Just an update of blocks
I have been sewing on and off
between traveling:
Swoon - old UFO - now with 6 blocks!

Kite - made with the Accuquilt die
and a layer cake of 'Giggles';
currently 23 blocks:
That's it from my design wall - 
check out all the other submissions

Sew on,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

350 blocks - early January count

Today in the Ikea lamp spot light -
all of my January blocks

* 2 big Swoon blocks
* 3 Hip to be Square Red/White blocks
* 19 Grand Illusion border blocks
for a grand total of 24!
The January goal was 20 blocks, 
and I made it!!!

Thanks so much to Prairie Moon Quilts:
none of these would have been made
without your 350 Blocks Project!

Sew on,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Somehow through a link
on Judy's stash report
I came across the
What a neat idea:
join and sew blocks,
for a total of 350 a year,
Goal for January is 20.
Sounds more doable for me
than committing to full tops
or completed quilts.
So I signed up with Shelly
and selected my blocks.
First off:

Swoon block # 3,
a long ago UFO
that lingered due to a
major cutting operator error...
Had to add some additional seams,
but I finished 1 new block!

Next up I had seen Pat Sloan's
It used up some scraps
and no longer loved white fabric.
After: I got one 8 x 8 block done -

The single square size is 2 1/2 inch.

And lastly my real project Grand Illusion,
now working on the border.

After: 6 blocks completed.

Yeah - a total of 8 blocks
for the 20 blocks in January challenge.
Not quite there yet,
but am committed to sew 
more GI border blocks
to hit the goal.

Linking up to 
what's on your wall?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Design Wall Monday

check out my Grand Illusion top -
4x5 block setting without borders.
Yes, it is wild - and I love it! 
Thanks to Bonnie 
for this fabulous mystery!!!
And now all the bits and pieces of fabric
are gone from my living room floor - nice!

Not sure if I will add the border or not.
Haven't sewn a single border unit yet
and my time may be limited here
with lots of traveling coming up.
Will be linking up to
on Monday morning.