Monday, December 8, 2014

Design Wall Monday and Grand Illusion Part 2

So how did your sewing go this week?
All caught up with Bonnie's mystery units
or working on the last holiday gifts?
Well, I mainly cut and sewed 
mystery units 1 and 2.

Current count:
83 unit 1
6 double diamonds
and a ton of prepared single diamonds (with pink only).

And sure enough: Bonnie gave us 3 methods  
to sew the Double Diamond blocks - thanks so much!
I used method #3 and 
cut my fabric with Accuquilt dies
which I already owned - nice!

Then I had another look at my 
Hapi Mystery quilt - gone wild ;-)
And added the fabric 
I am considering for calming 
(ha ha, who am I kidding)
setting and corner triangles.
Not too bad -
I think I like it!
Need to go and check for Bonnie's
cutting list of setting triangles, 
calculated by block size.

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Keep on going
and get sewing,

Monday, December 1, 2014

Design Wall Monday & Grand Illusion Part 1 Link

I am back to blogging 
with some sewing result
after quite a busy traveling time.
First up are the part 1 units
"Grand Illusion" mystery quilt:
I managed to sew 10 blocks together
and prepared lots of pre-cut parts.
Total needed: 100 broken dish blocks...

And I also sewed a kit
into blocks - 
Hapi Mystery (from Craftsy):

Still making up my mind
and may be adding setting triangles
to end up with a bigger quilt
and calm it down a bit.
Well, that's the challenge 
with mystery quilts kits:
they may not always be your style...
This one is growing on me though
and certainly is so different
from anything else I have made.

I am linking up to Judy's DWM

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cross the Drunkard's Path QAL

A late addition 
to the DP quilt along
due to operator error.
Arrgh - I was so close
and then disaster struck.

You can see it in the picture:
3 blocks were cut by accident.
Big ooops -
I am not a happy camper,
but I still do like the turtle
and rabbit :-)

Please tell me:
Am I the only one
messing up like this?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I had a great sew-in 
this Saturday
and worked on a few projects.

Main success: 
finishing my Hawk's Nest top
and with the fantastic help
of my sewing companions
making the inner border decision!

Close-up with navy dotted inner border:
I love it
and I do have enough fabric left
to make it happen!
I also attached the binding 
on my guild mystery quilt
and am slowly hand stitching it down.
One side down, 
3 more to go.
Not bad for me
and my binding phobia!

Go check out 

Happy stitching,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 4 goals

There is just one quarter left in 2014
and I need to put 
my goals together.
For this Finish Along
only completed items count...
and I do need a strong final quarter
to get some UFO's moving!
Maybe a lot of wishful thinking,
but hey, I have to try.

Okay - here it goes:
1) Complete binding on guild mystery quilt

2) Finish b'day quilt - it has become a b'day to christmas quilt...
(sew top, quilt & bind)

3) Finish Wagon Wheel quilt 
(sashing and border + quilt & bind)

4) Finish Fit for a Hero quilt
(quilt & bind)

And now comes the dream list - 
I may have to quit working
and sew non-stop until xmas though...
maybe it's more a type of UFO list...

5) Finish x & + quilt
(border, quilt & bind)

6) Finish Fractured quilt 
(quilt & bind)

7) Finish Garden Path quilt 
(quilt & bind)

8) Finish Hawk's Nest 
(complete the top, quilt & bind)

Alright then - 
I better stop now ;-0

There are 8 projects and 12 weeks left,
meaning 1 1/2 week per project, hmmm.
Sometimes I just have to 
list my stuff
and get re-acquainted and motivated.
Will let you know if it works...

Every single finish 
will be celebrated
and means one less 
carry-over project into 2015.

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I guess this means:
sew, sew, sew,
sew, sew,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I am currently working
on sewing my Hawk's Nest blocks
into a top:
the 4 bottom right diagonal rows 
have been sewn together.
Then I came across
this border fabric:
The photo doesn't show the exact colors,
but hopefully you get the idea.
Please let me know:
Do you like the border fabric?

The original quilt has a million HST 
in the outer border
which I won't manage 
to sew in my lifetime...
So I thought the effect 
of this busy chevron-arrow fabric 
is similar
and perfect for the quilt...
Maybe I need not a cheddar, 
but different color smaller inner border?

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Cross the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along

I have been eyeing 
my 4 inch Accuquilt die
for Drunkard's Path
and just needed a good reason to use it.
And here comes Vicki and starts
So I can finally conquer 
sewing curves
the 'modern' die-cut way!

While google-ing & bing-ing
for Drunkard's Path images,
I came across Dani's fabulous
Photo by Dani Miller used with permission

Isn't this just the cutest DP quilt ever?
Yes, you can use a cutting die:
you'll have to trim the blocks
as perfectly shown in Dani's tutorial.
Just wondering if my 4 inch die
is too small - her tutorial
works with trimmed 6 inch blocks.
Mine would be trimmed to around 3 inches...

But I do have a won Kona bundle
that would nicely provide the needed colors...
The 2nd DP quilt pic that
 caught my eye
comes from the book
and is called 
Nine Patch Curves:
where I could put my low volume 
and monochromatic fabrics
to good use:

Yes, I am joining the QAL
but am still making up my mind
which pattern to use.
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Off to sew some practice curves,