Sunday, October 6, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Just a quick glance at my current top projects:
Vicki's Fractured QA with 7 blocks completed

and my guilds GLHQ BOM 
and color study "Orange" combined - 
Goose in the Pond.
It took me forever to get this block done,
just too many little pieces...
but all leftover scraps from my Fractured blocks.
(size 10 1/2 unfinished)

What's on your design wall?
Linking up to Judy's Patchwork Place.

Looking forward to the next guild meet on Thursday
with guest speaker Jacquie Gering.
Happy sewing,


  1. Such fun projects you're working on at the moment. I like them both.

  2. Super x 2!! I've always liked Goose in the Pond. So jealous of you hearing Jacquie - full report next weekend please!

  3. I love Goose in the Pond--I guess it is because I don't mind tiny pieces. Yours looks good. Jacquie spoke at our guild a couple months ago--you are in for a real treat.

  4. Wow!!! Those all look really great. Fractured is simply marvelous so far. Love the contrast on that Goose in the Pond block. Which is really making me want to bump my Quiet Rebellion on the Pond top up for quilting work ahead of the line-up I'd planned. . . :)


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