Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fractured QAL - week 4

Slow and steady - 
that still seems to be my mantra
for the Fractured quilt.
Today I can show 7 total blocks
meaning I made 3 this week - 
and hope to add a few more later...
But look what I found in my mailbox on Friday - 
my Fractured QAL win from Vicki:
Thank you so much - 
my very first hand dyed fabric
and it will be cut up here shortly 
for another fractured block;
and a beautiful card + sticky notes, 
perfect to keep the A,B,C and D blocks apart.

Linking up to this week's Fractured QAL linky,
I'll probably be the last one again,
but I am still going strong ;-)
Happy sewing,


  1. Hey Barb ... nice to see you're still creating beautiful quilts.
    I bought myself a wonderful sewing machine late last year, but have only managed to do some silly little things so far.

    Already September and my year of Elternzeit is almost finished... will be seeing you back at work v. soon!


  2. I love what you've accomplished. Those lovely yellows and golds really make the blue "fractures" pop. I'm with you about being slow and steady. It becomes a much more rewarding and enjoyable project when there is no pressure.

  3. Lucky you with these goodies arriving in your mail box!


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