Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fractured QA - week 5

I know, 
I am 1 week behind in the Fractured QA
due to vacation,
but I am still on it.
First off I just HAD to cut 
into the blue FQ won from Vicki
and then shuffled fabrics
to find the best color combination:
Hand dyed blue and commercial orange Batik
was the final decision - 
and a block C sewn up.
(colors not true, it's more orange as seen in 1st pic).
Final count: a whopping 9 blocks
What can I say:
slow and steady ;-)
The new block stands out and will find a spot
closer to the edge of final quilt,
but the 3x3 lay-out fit best in a picture...

It's coming together - 
and I am linking up to Vicki's blog.
So glad she gives us until Sunday
and makes me get my act together
and post for her linky!
Happy sewing,


  1. I do like those blues very much Barb, the two on the left hand side really pop!

  2. It's really beautiful and it must have been fun using Vicki's hand dyed fabric. You've used very interesting fabrics so far, and it will be fun to watch your progress.

  3. I'm enjoying watching this one take shape. Gorgeous fabrics.


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