Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fractured Quilt Along

Ok, the first week of the

(pattern in this book)
hosted by Vicki,
finds me with the light fabric selection 
cut into strips.

Not stellar, but it's a start!
I will pair the Yellow-Orange-Red fabrics
with blue, purple and who knows, grey/ black
to show a nice contrast.
Here are my dark fabrics so far,

Thanks for hosting -
I just love the book
"Making Quilts"
By Kathy Doughty
and jumped at the QA!
It always gives me a bit more
of accountability...
I just hope I won't be 
a lonely slow-poke ;-)

Linking up to the 1st week

Happy sewing,
or for me rather cutting,


  1. I love your colours Barb - the fiery red/orange/yellow glows!

  2. Off you go again on a very interesting project!! We need to coordinate our projects so I can get some of your Mojo!! Can't wait to see the next installment of this quilt.

  3. I totally agree with everyone else... your colors and your fabric choices are wonderful! It will be lots of fun to watch your quilt come together.


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