Monday, October 18, 2010

One thing - One week challenge 4

I just hopped over to Amy's blog -
and her One Thing - One week  challenge #4 is on.
Soooo, I should join -
and get something else done in one weeks' time....
Hmmm, so many projects to chose from, where to start?
Ok, the most urgent project would be to get
Music Bloom on the quilt frame and get it quilted and bound!
Because it needs to go to my aunt in November -
 meaning I better hurry up!
The back is almost done, so maybe I can wing it tonight and get it loaded.
Here is one more look at the Music Bloom top:

Wish me luck -
this one will be a stretch challenge, but a good one.
Thank you Amy to kick us into gear!
Maybe YOU have something, too
and will join Amy as well!?


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  1. Yes, you should join the challenge. Your quilt is going to be an awesome quilt.


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