Saturday, October 23, 2010

One thing - One week challenge update

I just took "Music Bloom" of the quilt frame -
the quilting is done and it is lunch time on Saturday.
So what's left to do: squaring it, cutting and sewing the binding by Monday.
That's my challenge for Amy's OT-OW challenge 4.
And here was supposed to be a close-up picture,
but blogger does not want to cooperate.
So, I think I can do it and finish the quilt by Monday -
and maybe I will even enter it for Blogger's Quilt Festival.
I have never done it before and have to check which rules apply.

Happy weekend,


  1. wow, your quilt looks great. I hope you finish it on time.

  2. Goodmluck! Your guilt looks wonderful! iM HALFWAY DONE WITH THE CHALLENGE!

  3. FAB U LOUS!!!!!!! You are really getting things done. It looks great.


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