Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This last week I have been working on 3 projects:

Block # 11 of the Jelly Roll Quilt Along
(as always: just in time...)

Fishing Circle Around:
Blocks are sewn, now I need to sew
blocks to rows and
rows to quilt top

Music Bloom
( Free Pattern by Scott Hansen)
I accomplished quite a few blocks with flying geese;
some more are needed,
but the project finally looks promising,
well, kinda.
Needs more skinny blocks and
some small square blocks.

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  1. I love the monochromatic color of music bloom. Its cool how the blocks are different sizes - can't wait to see it done!

  2. The Music Bloom is looking great!!! You've been very busy!

  3. great post. I think today is the final Jelly roll block-woohoo.

  4. Wow, I have fallen in love with music bloom!

    glen in louisiana

  5. I agree with Glen, love at first sight of Music Bloom. That's a great quilt to showcase fabric that is too nice to cut into small pieces.

  6. Music Bloom is looking very nice. I'd throw in a little more of the gold, the shade of the brown framed block in the lower right.

  7. What a great variety of fun quilts you're working on. Love your first block.

  8. all so different and all are great

  9. I love the Music Bloom. It is going to be stunning.

  10. music bloom quilt is coming along nicely.

  11. I love your quilts. Do you have patterns for the blocks needed?

  12. I love Music Bloom!! be sure to post a picture of it on the Blue Nickel Studios group page in Flickr when you are done!! If you don't do Flickr at least send me a copy so I can post it for you. Love it!

  13. I like your fishing circle around quilt! I often use my floor as my design wall, too!

  14. love the plume... and the circle around in grey looks fantastic!


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