Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stash Report

This week was a pretty good sewing week for me:
I finished the blocks for fishing circle, started & finished the Quick Strippie quilt top as seen on last DWM - and did get some blocks with flying geese (my nemesis...) done for Music Bloom. Unfortunately for this I ran out of dk brown, so 1/2 yrd came in (and was cut/ sewn immediately). Additionally I had meant to load another quilt on the frame, but that didn't happen.
Overall I am slowly but surely inching up again on my net usage. I seem to be only buying missing fabric for a project in process - since certain things are just not available in my stash. So not perfect yet, but  a better approach :)

Stash Report week 31 / 2010:
Fabric used this week: 4.75 yrds
Fabric used YTD: 146.4 yrds
Added this week: 0.5 yrd
Added YTD: 112.4 yrds
Net used in 2010: 34 yrds

Please go to Judy's blog and see other stash reports!

My fitness week was a kind of normal week. Some skating and a walk.

Fitness Report week 31 / 2010:
Walk: 1
Skate: 3 x 6 mls = 18 mls
Total Cardio: 3 hrs

Talk to you later,


  1. Barb, you're doing so well on your fitness and your stash. I'm inspired by your holistic approach to life. Keep it up, my friend!

  2. I think you are doing great! Flying geese aren't my favorite either!


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