Monday, December 1, 2014

Design Wall Monday & Grand Illusion Part 1 Link

I am back to blogging 
with some sewing result
after quite a busy traveling time.
First up are the part 1 units
"Grand Illusion" mystery quilt:
I managed to sew 10 blocks together
and prepared lots of pre-cut parts.
Total needed: 100 broken dish blocks...

And I also sewed a kit
into blocks - 
Hapi Mystery (from Craftsy):

Still making up my mind
and may be adding setting triangles
to end up with a bigger quilt
and calm it down a bit.
Well, that's the challenge 
with mystery quilts kits:
they may not always be your style...
This one is growing on me though
and certainly is so different
from anything else I have made.

I am linking up to Judy's DWM


  1. Nice start to the mystery! The craftsy one is pretty wild, but it is happy-looking.

  2. You made a good start on Bonnie's mystery. I love your bright pinks and teals.

  3. Good progress Barb! Like the craftsy one more and more. Wish we could be sewing together.

  4. Great progress, like your new quilt too.

  5. Welcome back!! Love you Broken Dishes blocks. I've never bought a mystery pack before. I can see this would grow on you. Can't wait to see how you finish it.

  6. Good to see you back again!!
    The Bonnie Hunter Mystery looks interesting, I passed as enough going on for me and I love your Hapi Mystery, yes it is bright but I love it!!

  7. Look at all of those beautiful, bright colors!

  8. Lovely colors and fabrics! Good job! Your quilt will be pretty! Your Craftsy quilt is great too!


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