Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cross the Drunkard's Path QAL

A late addition 
to the DP quilt along
due to operator error.
Arrgh - I was so close
and then disaster struck.

You can see it in the picture:
3 blocks were cut by accident.
Big ooops -
I am not a happy camper,
but I still do like the turtle
and rabbit :-)

Please tell me:
Am I the only one
messing up like this?

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  1. Nope - I had to trim mine to 7" instead of them coming out at 7.5... One block at a time ...

  2. Tip (just remembered) - use a shorter stitch length when sewing curves! Your little animals will be just so cute!!!

  3. Don't worry! You'll get it. This is going to be a really cute quilt!


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