Monday, December 8, 2014

Design Wall Monday and Grand Illusion Part 2

So how did your sewing go this week?
All caught up with Bonnie's mystery units
or working on the last holiday gifts?
Well, I mainly cut and sewed 
mystery units 1 and 2.

Current count:
83 unit 1
6 double diamonds
and a ton of prepared single diamonds (with pink only).

And sure enough: Bonnie gave us 3 methods  
to sew the Double Diamond blocks - thanks so much!
I used method #3 and 
cut my fabric with Accuquilt dies
which I already owned - nice!

Then I had another look at my 
Hapi Mystery quilt - gone wild ;-)
And added the fabric 
I am considering for calming 
(ha ha, who am I kidding)
setting and corner triangles.
Not too bad -
I think I like it!
Need to go and check for Bonnie's
cutting list of setting triangles, 
calculated by block size.

Linking up to Bonnie's Link up 2

Keep on going
and get sewing,


  1. I just can not get over the beautiful Hapi range of fabrics. The fabric for the setting triangle looks perfect - and not calming, just what I like!

  2. Love the blue fabric!!! Setting triangles are an easy math problem...size of the block x 1.414 and round UP to the larger integer. Cut a square of that size and then cut on the diagonal twice. Gives you a larger triangle which means you have wiggle room and you can "float" the center of the quilt. The corner triangles are size of block divided by 1.414. Cut once on the diagonal. Once a math teacher, always a math teacher... Have fun!

  3. P.S. You are way ahead of me now on both step 1 and step 2!!

  4. I have the same triangle die. Do you run over all the die or just triangle section.? New to my go baby.

  5. Your Hapi mystery quilt is gorgeous!! Love your fabrics!


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