Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 4 goals

There is just one quarter left in 2014
and I need to put 
my goals together.
For this Finish Along
only completed items count...
and I do need a strong final quarter
to get some UFO's moving!
Maybe a lot of wishful thinking,
but hey, I have to try.

Okay - here it goes:
1) Complete binding on guild mystery quilt

2) Finish b'day quilt - it has become a b'day to christmas quilt...
(sew top, quilt & bind)

3) Finish Wagon Wheel quilt 
(sashing and border + quilt & bind)

4) Finish Fit for a Hero quilt
(quilt & bind)

And now comes the dream list - 
I may have to quit working
and sew non-stop until xmas though...
maybe it's more a type of UFO list...

5) Finish x & + quilt
(border, quilt & bind)

6) Finish Fractured quilt 
(quilt & bind)

7) Finish Garden Path quilt 
(quilt & bind)

8) Finish Hawk's Nest 
(complete the top, quilt & bind)

Alright then - 
I better stop now ;-0

There are 8 projects and 12 weeks left,
meaning 1 1/2 week per project, hmmm.
Sometimes I just have to 
list my stuff
and get re-acquainted and motivated.
Will let you know if it works...

Every single finish 
will be celebrated
and means one less 
carry-over project into 2015.

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I guess this means:
sew, sew, sew,
sew, sew,


  1. Looks like you're going to be chained to the machine for the foreseeable future!You have a lovely selection of quilts to on .

  2. This is the greatest line-up of WIPs for the quarter - So much lusciousness! :D

  3. What great quilts in progress! Hope you can find the time to make good progress. Fall weather always gets me in the mood to do some quilting.

  4. I am loving fractured! Also I do favour an x and plus quilt ; )

  5. Oh my...I didn't know you had so many almost finished quilts. Each one is lovely and it will be hard to pick one to work which one did you choose??


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