Sunday, October 5, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I am currently working
on sewing my Hawk's Nest blocks
into a top:
the 4 bottom right diagonal rows 
have been sewn together.
Then I came across
this border fabric:
The photo doesn't show the exact colors,
but hopefully you get the idea.
Please let me know:
Do you like the border fabric?

The original quilt has a million HST 
in the outer border
which I won't manage 
to sew in my lifetime...
So I thought the effect 
of this busy chevron-arrow fabric 
is similar
and perfect for the quilt...
Maybe I need not a cheddar, 
but different color smaller inner border?

will be linking up to Judy's


  1. It's so hard to tell by just the little pictures - but if you're wanting to keep the busy-ness of the HST border, this print looks like a really great way to go. Do you have a little bit darker orange? I'm thinking that would keep the centers of the blocks from sitting on the same plane as the stop border - make them float a bit on a different level? But the cheddar's not bad.

  2. I like the cheddar in the border and love that border print! You buckled down and got this quilt done! It looks great.

  3. Love the border fabric! I don't know if I would use cheddar as the inner border. Maybe the turquoise blue that is in the outer border? I see a lot of that in your blocks. This is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

  4. I think your border fabric is splendid!

  5. Lovely quilt! While you're auditioning fabrics for your inner border try one of your neutral whites to make the whole center float. Another fabric to try would be a solid black - but make it a narrow border so it doesn't look too stark.

  6. Oops, I thought the cheddar was the floor showing through. I do like your border fabric. But I think a stronger color is needed in the inner border. Or maybe I just want to see a darker color. Audition a few until something really strikes you. (unless of course, you really love the cheddar.)


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