Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 2 goals

My Finish Along is slow going here at Paint Creek Quilt,
but every completed quilt is one less UFO.

So I will be doing a
of some of my FAL Q1 goals
and hope this time they'll get done!

Coming right up my Q2 list:
1) Quilt and Bind Hashtag top

2) Quilt and Bind X&+ top

3) Quilt and Bind Fit for a Hero top

4) Complete Lenora's b'day signature quilt
This has still a long way to go,
but would love to finish it in May:
* add sashing strips,
* sew blocks into top
* add border,
* quilt & bind...
5) Complete Celtic Solstice quilt
Meaning: add borders, quilt & bind
6) Complete Orca Bay quilt
Borders, quilt and bind

Can you see a theme here?
Trying to tackle my 
"Mount TBQ (To-Be-Quilted)" - 
let's hope it'll shrink in Q2!
Linking up to the FAL Q2 opening party.

Happy quilting
and good luck with your goals,


  1. Hmmm, you have so much to do - you had better stay home all month!!! Ha-ha!! All these beautiful quilts waiting for you - get busy so we can drool over them.

  2. Well you do have plenty to keep you occupied with all your lovely quilts!

  3. That is a massive undertaking for Q2. Good luck with all the projects.


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