Monday, April 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday

While I have been sewing a bit
there is nothing exciting on my wall,
but a charity top close to being finished.
That counts for something 
and I can use my living room floor again - nice!

Thank you to all of you
that helped with my design decision - 
I used the "broken strip" design.

And am real glad to have all the HST's
in an almost completed top.
It got quite hairy there for some time
to get the design put back together
after some willy-nilly continuous piecing...
a big mess or rather puzzle time for me.
Yes, there are just 3 more seams left,
but I ran out of steam.
I still have to make a border decision though.
Only got a yard of fabric
and that might not be enough.
Will see once I get the final top measurements.
Linking up to Judy's DWM post.



  1. It gets prettier and prettier each time you show it. Someone will be very happy!!

  2. Love your design! Just gorgeous.

  3. I really LIKE that--so pretty!!

  4. that looks really pretty - I love the design

  5. Very effective use of HSTs--great quilt!!

  6. This top looks great! And on to more decisions on the borders!


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