Monday, January 6, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I have been sewing missing units,
and this is how far I got:
Isn't it beautiful?
I just love the pattern! 
Thank you Bonnie!
(And I just saw I flipped a few 4-patches
- got to fix them!)

Current stats:
Step 1 - triangle in a square: done!
Step 2 - Chevrons: done!
Step 3 - 7 pinwheel blocks of 25...
Step 4 - 4  patches: done!
Step 5 -  56 of 100 split triangle units
Step 6 -  no blocks sewn yet



  1. Looking good! Keep up the good work, and I am sure it will be beautiful in the end!

  2. Just beautiful. Slow and steady....

  3. Keep going, it's looking great.

  4. It's gorgeous! Isn't it funny how we get a different perspective when we look at our work in a photo?? That's where I'm going to catch any of my mistakes! :)

  5. This is beautiful! I didn't do this mystery but am really wanting to start it!

  6. I love how your Mystery quilt matches your screen background. Beautiful colours.

  7. CS is such a wonderful design! I say that about all of Bonnie's mysteries, but this time it's really, really true. Funny how those patches flip, isn't it? Good thing you caught 'em before you assembled all the blocks.


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