Monday, December 9, 2013

Design Wall Monday - Celtic Solstice

Ok, here it goes - 
the list of my current sewing projects.
First up:
Step 1 - completed!
                    Step 2 - 25 Chevron blocks done (of 100)

I am waiting for some 
yellow fabric reinforcements 
from Judy and MB
to complete the chevron blocks.
Thanks ladies,
can't wait to see you on Saturday!
As with the 1st step,
I have found an Accuquilt die 
that works for the HST - 
and now I have officially become 
a fan of fabric die cutting!

Then moving on to the next project - 
I am trying to use more fabric from my stash
and thought of getting in on
All 6 current instructions are done - 
you can see the 2 stacks of the partial blocks:
(Sorry for the stray threads...)
I really love her short 
step-by-step instructions 
and no HST's!
A bit of cutting, some sewing
and you are done: nice!

And last but not least:
Modern Xmas trees # 2

Having some decision time
for the fabric border selection:
My first version had the red border fabric,
but I really love the green fabric with the Cardinals.
Hm, it might be too dark though,
maybe I can use a smaller inner border in green 
and then a red outer border?
What do you think?

Wow, all 3 projects are web freebies - 
isn't the quilting community the best?
Thanks so much to
for sharing their incredible talent 
with all of us!

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Happy sewing,


  1. care a busy gal tackling all the great freebies going on out there. Me I was only brave enough to commit to CS.

  2. Love your Christmas tree quilt. What about a smaller red inner border and the outer border of the green. That way you would see more of the cardinals but the bright red would really pop. Just an idea, hope you don't mind. :)

  3. I'm with Heather. The red would really make it pop..
    Well done keeping up.

  4. I'm agreeing with the red inner border and green outer border, too. Love your projects!

  5. Great projects... I like each one! You have been a busy quilter!

  6. You are a busy gal, love the modern Christmas tree quilt. And your Celtic Solstice colors are lovely.

  7. I was thinking red inner and then green wider border.

  8. You have been busy! Love the colors you are using for Judys QAL!!

  9. Wow, lots of comments!! I agree with everyone!! I would do the narrow red border and then the darker green one with the cardinals. Now I have to go look at the two get me into trouble!! See you soon.

  10. You are doing great on all your projects. I'd like a small red inner border followed by that wonderful green with cardinals. The green just seem to make it all pull together nicely. Wish I had seen that QAL. I love it.

  11. Okay, I'm checking with you before I start the next step of Celtic Solstice! Just got an Accuquilt Go but the first two steps I've had to do with the rotary cutter and it's taking me forever!

  12. Wow! Just the mystery seems to be taking all my available sewing time. I'm impressed that you are working on so many things at once.

  13. busy girl. I like the idea of an inner red border and an outer green border. You of course will do whatever you looks best to you.


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