Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fractured QAL

Before it's too late,
here is my latest Fractured Quilt Along update:
20 blocks total!
I am thinking of a 5 x 6 final lay-out,
so 10 more blocks to go.
It'll probably somehow stay an off center design.
Sewing slow and steady 1 block at a time ;-)
If I had to add up
all the un-sewing I have done per block,
I would have been done 
with all 30 blocks by now...
no kidding!
Must be the late evening sewing
that throws me off.

Just saw that some people 
are already working 
on their 2nd Fractured Quilt - 
wow, is all I can say...

Linking up to Vicki's blog.


  1. Love your colors!! (I'm starting a second one - but using the Red Centre layout)

  2. I do love this quilt of yours especially the off centre setting, it glows from the centre outwards!

  3. I agree with Mystic! It does glow and it is getting better each week! Keep on going!! I can't remember, how large is each block?

  4. I love the off center look too. And the blue is electric next to the orange. LOVE that combination. Wonderful!


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