Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bonnie Challenge - update

Well, the progress is not stellar,
but I have added some units
to my Orca Bay
by Jo's Country Junction:
So I added 8 more red triangles
before I ran out out red strips.
And I have been cutting black HST
for the wing or rather my trouble units...

Hope to sew some of these units today
with all the great hints & tips
I have received from my blog readers - 
thank you so much!
And just for my own motivation,
here is  my Orca Bay 
(photo taken at the challenge start)
Happy sewing,


  1. Way to go, Barb. You can do it!!!!!

  2. Keep it up! Orca Bay is looking good!

  3. Keep going. I am still sewing the bigger string blocks. I am not sure if I have all the rest of the steps done or not. I will dig it back out when I get these other 3-need-to-be-done-now projects finished first.

  4. Looking good Barb! Keep on plugging along - want me to send some reds? or anything else?? I have a big stash as you know - need to slim down here!!

  5. You can do it'll be so happy as you see more and more progress!!

  6. Looking good! Any progress is forward progress!


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