Monday, November 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Look what I finished today -
My Orca Bay top (without borders)
This was quite some intense sewing,
but now it is done!
I just have to make a decision
what type of border I want to add...

Then I have been busy with the Fractured QAL
and added 2 more blocks:
It needs some more block shuffling
until final lay-out though.

Last project and due for Thanksgiving 
as a present:
hosted by Christa.
I jumped on it rather late
but the top is completed!
Tomorrow it will go on the frame,
and hopefully ready for binding on Tuesday...
Not completely happy
with my 3 red corner trees,
that was before I opted for the border,
but it'll do ;-)

Happy sewing,
Happy Thanksgiving,


  1. WOW - your Orca Bay looks terrific and the tree quilt is too cute!! I wouldn't have noticed the red trees/border until you mentioned it. Regarding the Orca border - what about just black? That would frame the quilt and not be too busy - nice and easy does it!!

  2. Your Orca Bay is just gorgeous. And the tree quilts is adorable. Love the red trees in the corner. Nicely done!

  3. Congratulations on finished Orca Bay, your Fractured is coming along in those gorgeous colours and I would love to make a Christmas Tree quilt like yours!

  4. You're on a roll! Orca Bay is such a wonderful design -- it looks so complex but the units are actually simple. (That's the beauty of Bonnie's patterns.) Your other projects are great, too....seen all together, quite an eclectic group.


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