Sunday, October 21, 2012

Design Wall Monday

In order to use some more fabric 
(ha, how is that for an excuse to start something new?)
I have been looking for a quick and easy QoV pattern - 
and finally found an older free one:
Here are all the blocks and 
I will be sewing the rows as leaders-enders:
The fabrics may not be particularly patriotic,
but the blue-red-white color scheme is there.
Will see what I will do about the borders.

A quick updated photo 
27 of 44 blocks completed - 
slow and steady...
(poor pic, sorry)

I also managed to get a 
partial Orca Bay piece sewn together.
I can finish 3 more rows and 
then I am missing some smaller units,
but I am so glad to have started 
putting it all together.
66 less pieces flying around 
and hopefully a completed top soon!

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Have a great week,


  1. Beautiful quilts-in-progress. I made one like the top one from a precuts book. It was called Hidden Stars. Very easy for a beginner like me who avoids stars and triangles. You can see mine here:

  2. The QoV quilt will be wonderful! You are a busy girl!! :-)

  3. Good job Barb!! Good use of the r/w/b - do you know that QoV have to be a certain size? Larger than x/y but smaller than a/b. Don't know the values of x, y, a, b but you can look them up. The borders should make it a perfect size!! Orca will soon be swimming on your bed!!

  4. Well no wonder you were looking for something quick and easy. Your other two projects are small pieces and complicated. But you are plugging away and will wind up with something great.


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