Sunday, October 14, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Just a quick update of my current projects 
before I skip another week without a post.
Space Dust (Tula Pink) has grown nicely 
and 24 blocks are done!
I know it looks funky with the blanket & carpet showing through,
but I tried to do the units with the least seams first...

Then I got the itch and pulled out a UFO to see 
what still needed to be done on ... Orca Bay!
A long time ago I had decided to do a smaller version 
and maybe not the pieced borders that I always fail to get to scale anyways.
So my lay-out most likely will be 5 x 7 blocks 
and the 2 rows on the right have been sewn into a strip.

Guess what,
 there was a surprise package in the mail:
I had won the Gen X Quilters 
 Lecien Color Basics Bundle from
and it arrived on Saturday.
Beautiful stripes & dots
- thank you so much!

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the Design Wall Mondays posts
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Hope you have a great week,


  1. Love the colors of Space Dust.
    My Orca Bay is out too-let's get these done. :)
    And lucky you, that prize bundle is fabulous!

  2. Another win? geesh!!! You are one lucky woman! Space Dust is evolving very nicely. I had forgotten about Orca Bay - so glad she's out of the closet pile. I'm off to bind the heart quilt for the newlyweds.


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