Sunday, October 28, 2012

Design Wall Monday

It seems like all I manage to do lately
is 1 blog post per week
with yet another quick update 
of the projects I am working on.
Well at least I have it in writing for future reference...

Orca Bay has grown a few more rows:

For Thursday's quilt guild meeting 
I finished quilting another donation quilt: 

I also made 2 Bingo blocks for the QG meeting.
MB - one is for you if you feel up to it!

And here is my latest block count of Space Dust:
32 of 44 blocks made - 

 I completed sewing the top
"Freedom is Our Strength" ,
no borders yet though:

Sorry, these are all indoor pictures
and the lighting isn't great.
I always think I don't accomplish much
during the week,
but DWM shows me 
everything is moving along!

Will be linking up to Judy's blog
and her Design Wall Monday Post.


  1. Great post! Great quilts!! I'll be in touch tomorrow re: Thursday :)

  2. Great post! Great quilts!! I'll try to call again tonight. You really did get alot accomplished this week. Good for you!! I need someone to kick my butt.

  3. Wow -- lots of fun stuff you've got going on! We did the bingo blocks at a guild meeting last year -- it was lots of fun!!! Enjoy!! :)

  4. Lots of stuff done and all of them are wonderful. I have to say the space dust has my interest piqued!! Nice quilting too. Enjoy your week.

  5. You have so many projects going on. So inspirational. And also good to find another Michigan quilter.


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