Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery update

Before Bonnie closes here link-up list,
I better get an Orca Bay mystery status post done.
I am slowly chugging along -
and followed Bonnie's advice
to start doing some blocks and
catch up with the earlier steps in between.
So here are my first blocks following step 6:

It really helps to get some blocks done
and see parts of Orca Bay evolving!

Happy sewing,
mystery or else,


  1. YEAH!! These look so happy! Hey --- was it YOU who gave me the central Michigan Chippewa's fabric? It's going into one of the quilts in the next book :c)

  2. Orca is looking GOOD!! Love it. It will be a very POP quilt - the B, W, Red is so attractive - and then the blue???? Can't wait to see more clues.


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