Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 UFO challenge

Ok, here is a short recap of my 2011 UFO accomplishments:
I finished 5 out of 12 UFOS!
Not the best result ever, but every UFO done, is one less!

#1 : Simply a Bloom: DONE, binding and all!

#2: Jelly Roll QA: quilting done - needs binding

#3: Batik Whirl - not touched...
#4: Cowboy Wave: DONE & donated

#5: Fishing Circles: not touched...
#6: Cathedral Stars: quilting done, needs binding

#7: Bears in the forest - not touched...
#8: Tropical Twist - ...
#9: Double Delight - ....
#10: Anita's Arrowhead: DONE & donated

#11: Quilting of 1 big quilt - didn't happen
#12: Irish Chain -.... need to pull it out and use as leader/ ender project

I see a pattern here: I seem to have issues with borders. Lots of projects stop once I reahc a border decision stage.
Hm, I see lots of borderless quilts in my future ;-) maybe that will help my finish-it-up mode!

Ooh, and have a look at the socks I just finished this week:
4 pairs done - and 1 new one (the 2nd sock is already half done):
Well, that's it for today,


  1. Five out of 12 is a great accomplishment -- wishing you success in the 2012 challenge! I love the quilt in the first picture, and I hope there's an arrowhead quilt in my future -- I got so far as to print out the pattern.

  2. 5 out of 12 is great!!! I still have to list mine, I'm afraid to even think about it.
    Love all your socks. Makes me want to sit in the recliner, turn on a good movie and knit away!

  3. Good job, kiddo! And very nice socks!!

  4. I had forgotten about some of those beauties...remember, I'll do the binding if you want - you just have to bring them up here. Maybe Judy L's border book will have some good ideas for borders...maybe more string blocks??


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