Monday, December 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I think I have been bitten by the flying geese bug.
And now I can't stop making them.
It all started with my book review and
testing of the flying geese ruler by Quilting in a day.

So here they are on my design wall this week -
48 geese, just 24 more to go for a twin size top.
You can see the Tucan border fabric on the left side -
hmmm, maybe it should be called "Flying Tucan" quilt?
I hope to finish the geese, oops Tucans this week
and that will help my stash report as well...

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  1. How cute these are! You've been a busy quilter this week. I think the toucan fabric looks great with the quilt... same fabric line?

  2. Wow -- your flying geese look GREAT! Flying geese are the bane of my quilting existence!!!! :)

  3. Definitely Flying Tucan! I happen to possess a "flying chickens" quilt myself :-)

  4. Great switch up to Toucans from geese :)

  5. Kyle in the mix as well - you know I'm a big fan of his paintings. Happy Holidays!

    Needle Arts

  6. I love Geese! And have a couple of special rulers and I have tried several different "techniques" but I"m still not in LOVE with anyone in particular. Nice Job! Toni

  7. I love doing geese, too. they are so much fun to do, so easy and so very versatile. Almost as good as an old fashioned nine patch.


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