Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flying Geese - quilt in a day

Please have a look at my very first book review:
The book is called "Flying Geese" and I also received the large ruler from Quilt-in-a-day by Eleanor Burns.
So I read through it and looked at all the pictures and schematics. All is very easy to understand. And of course there is lots of eye candy of beautiful Geese quilts!

Included in the book are yardage charts for all common sizes and detailed step-by-step instructions from cutting to sewing, pressing, and finally putting the entire top together and quilting it.
If you have never made a quilt before, all parts of the quilt making process are described as well.

Whether you have the specialty large geese ruler or not,
these are the easiest flying geese I have ever seen!
What a great method - I had to try it out!

I decided to do a twin size Flying Geese quilt:
I selected Tucan fabric as my focus fabric, added 6 fabrics for the geese and the white fabric for my sky/ background. Yes, these fabrics are all from one collection (and leftover of an earlier quilt). They just waited for the perfect pattern: Flying Geese!

 Then I followed the steps in the book and - while not yet done - ended up with 24 flying geese so far!
These are 8.5 x 4.5 inch.
Don't they look great?
I love them!
And they are all perfect without cut off corners!
This will become a beautiful & colorful quilt -
with the final lay-out to be still changed up a bit.
Just 48 more geese to go
to finish my very first Flying Geese quilt-
with guaranteed success!

Love the book and geese ruler for great easy flying geese.
I never thought I would put
easy and flying geese in one sentence.
Now I do!



  1. Awesome Barbara!! This will be another great quilt! I have that ruler--you'll have to teach me how to use it!! :-)

  2. Excellent review Barb! I can tell you really like the ruler and the book and you described it all very well. Good job! and a great looking quilt too!!

  3. I saw your post on Judy's Design Wall Monday and had to click over to this one. I am so glad you reviewed Eleanor Burn's method. I rarely see anyone talk about it and consider it my "go to" method for making FG's.

    Although I saw her demonstrate the construction method on two of her series shows, I was initially reluctant to buy the rulers because you needed different ones to make different sizes. Then I used it to make a FG Strippy quilt and I was hooked! IMHO, it is truly the simplest way to make them.

    Glad you are getting the word out and what you've got so far for your quilt top is looking very good!!

  4. I've got the rulers and they are great!

  5. Kathy from MichiganDecember 6, 2011 at 6:25 AM

    You have to love the Eleanor Burns method for anything! I have always enjoyed her books and learn a lot from them. You have given me a reason to try this one as well. Nice job!


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