Monday, December 5, 2011

Mystery Monday - Orca Bay

Step 3 for the Orca Bay mystery
by Bonnie Hunter was posted last Friday -
and so far I have 144 HST units (of 350) 
before I ran out of black fabric.
In case you are wondering:
I am using the 2 inch strip method
with the Easy Angle ruler.

Wating for a black stash enhancement
from my BQF Judy before I can continue.
I am amazed that I have been able
to keep up with the mystery steps.
We'll see next week:  
it will be probably too busy at work.

I am linking up to Bonnie's mystery Monday -
please go and check out the status of other mystery sewers!


  1. Looking good. They are tiny aren't they, rather cute. Hope your black fabric reinforcements get there soon.

  2. Your blocks are great. It's nice to have a friend to share fabric with. I have five friends that visit every Wednesday and we are always sharing.

  3. Wonderful blocks! I'm about half way too but we'll get them done won't we!

  4. Reinforcements are on their way to you! Posted today. You are making great progress PLUS you are making flying toucans too! Keep on sewing!!

  5. Your tiny blocks are great...but what is this about the flying Toucans????


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