Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Well, all the strips for my Modern Blossoms top are sewn
and here is the lay-out:
Now I still need to 'unsew' some of the white blocks
from the bottom edge
and add them to the top edge.
And then off to sewing all strips into a quilt top!

My current status of the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along:

 # 1 Attic Window

 # 2 Autumn Tints
 # 4 Basket Weave

# 5 Bat Wing

Yes, I am behind,
but hopefully I will catch up soon!
Please check Judy's blog for all the other
inspiring design walls!
Have a great week,


  1. Your modern quilt is very sweet looking! Nice blocks for the Farmer's Wife quilt along. I am resisting joining that as best I can. It's fun to see what others are making though!

  2. Your modern blossoms quilt is just wonderful. I just know I'm going to wish that I had done the Farmer's Wife quilt along. I love your blocks.

  3. Great looking quilt - I love the woven effect! And your FW blocks are very pretty. I started, then realized my blocks were too small and I'm starting over, so you aren't as behind as you think - take care!

  4. Love your Modern Blossoms top. YUM!

  5. Barb!! beautiful quilt in progress and your FW blocks are so pretty!! (i'm back online!:-)


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