Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL status

Just a quick post with my newest FW blocks:

#29 Economy Patch

# 35 Flower Basket (handle is still missing...)

#21 Contrary Wife

# 8 Bouquet

What can I say: 9 done - 102 left to go...


  1. Your fabric is wonderful! Is it from one collection or more? Will you Applique the basket handle on? I can help if you need tips. So nice to see a new post and hear from you.

  2. HELLO, I like your modern colors. I am kind of tired of brown/ muddied color fabrics, I find your blocks refreshing.

    I am thinking of doing a Farmer's Wife.... If I ever finish my Dear Jane.
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    Happy Quilting


  3. Love those blocks-'specially the basket!! ;-)


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