Monday, November 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

After having spent a ton of hours on the Wedding Quilt 
with finishing the top & the backing,
loading it and starting the quilting,
I guess it is finally  time for a picture,
even though it doesn't show much....

Can you believe it: every bobbin lasts me for 2 rows only -

urghhh, it sure is a big quilt!

Whenever I needed a break from 'Wedding' sewing,
I added some more block to the Star Struck top.

 And I added some Anita's Arrowhead blocks as well.
Maybe I should be doing a 5 x 5 layout -
and add a few more blocks...
(oops, one of the blocks is turned the wrong way).
I really like the secondary pattern of the solid squares
with the four patch and X's!

That's it from my corner in SE Michigan.
Please enjoy oher design walls listed at Judy's!


  1. Love both the Anita's Arrowhead quilt and the Star Struck top. They are beautiful. The secondary pattern in the arrowhead quilt is really cool. I may have to find my copy of the magazaine that pattern is in and make a few myself. Thanks for sharing your verion.

  2. The quilts are stunning! You've been busy!

  3. The arrowhead quilt is beautiful and taking a picture always helps to find that one block that is askew. So much easier than taking the block out! liz

  4. Everything looks wonderful and so crisp! Nice!


  5. I like everything but am especially fond of the arrowhead blocks. I just have to make some of these.

  6. I too bought the mag for this block. Haven't tried it yet. Didn't buy the 100 blocks #2 even though it was available Friday. Need to go back and get it before it is gone. Nice work on your two quilts... and right, can't see much of the one on the machine. You must have an "L" bobbin. I hate having to refill bobbins but I have the "L" also. Do you put your binding on while the quilt is loaded on the long arm?

  7. Wow, you have been very busy. The wedding quilt is so close to being finished!! Or is it?
    Love the SS and Arrowhead. I think most of us have multiple projects going on, we don't want to be bored. :)

  8. Love 'em all. The stars are my favorite.

  9. That's how I quilt, quilt awhile, sew awhile. And it looks like you are doing a great job with both. Love your star struck top.

  10. Your tops are really coming along and look great.

  11. Very nice -- the arrowhead looks great! :)

  12. Wow Barb - you have been very busy!! You have accomplised quite a lot this week. Love them all - can't wait to see the mysterious wedding quilt.

  13. I love what you've got going on for Bonnie's SS project. This is a pattern I've got on in my sewing bucket. Arrowhead pattern has been getting lots of interest lately. Are you keeping the wedding quilt a secret? Love to see a photo once you've got it mounted for quilting.

  14. You've made great progress this week! I love the colors in the Wedding quilt!

  15. I've only seen the Arrowhead blocks in scrappy quilts (each block a different 2 colors) but I LOVE the one you did with all the same blocks! Totally different--you can really see the secondary pattern well.

  16. Teaser photo of the wedding quilt, LOL! That's a lot of quilting it is getting. Nice star struck and arrowhead progress.

  17. I love your 2 colour arrowhead! It's awesome! I've only seen it scrappy like the one I'm piecing.


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