Saturday, August 14, 2010

Countdown to vacation time

Well, I am all packed and ready for my vacation:
a trip to Idaho first and then to the West coast!
Lots of inline skating with old and new friends.
Then off to Seattle to meet my BFF from Germany.
But I still got a little sewing done today on 70 circles:

(Sorry for the blurry photo)
I even managed to sew all the blocks into rows,
the rest will have to wait until I am back.
It will be a few days late for the 70. b'day,
but hopefully appreciated anyways!

Logging off for about a week.
Have fun,


  1. Looking good - you got so much done - I'm amazed. Glad my fish helped out!

  2. you are hooked on circles!! enjoy your vacation!! take lots of time to just enjoy yourself!


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