Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One thing - One week challenge

As you may have read in earlier posts I joined Amy's "One thing - One week challenge" last Tuesday. Today is the day to see if the goal has been met.
My goal was to sew the binding onto "Cowboy Circle Around" - and I persevered though 2 failed  attempts and finally got it done! I only stuck to it because of the challenge, so thanks to Amy Cowboy Circle is ready for V and BASICS - yeah! 

Bindings are a real challenge for me - even though I may have finally figured out how to get an acceptable (?) machine sewn binding on a quilt. We are not talking Quilt Show perfect, but ready for use as everyday quilt.

Please go to Amy's Creative Side and see who else met their goal in the One thing - One week challenge!

I guess it just shows you how peer pressure or rather challenge pressure can 'help' to make things happen; well at least it works for me.
Without it, Cowboy Circle would still be staring at me bindingless and accusing...

Thanks again, Amy: great idea and I am so glad I joined!
Will be back for more...

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  1. great fabrics in this one! Congrats on the binding, the binding should come first, this way you get the hard stuff over with, if only it worked that way hey!


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