Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This week my design wall has finished projects on it, and it feels good to have them done!
First up is Cowboy Cirle and 1 kid quilt completed with binding - wahoooo!
It only took 3 attempts to get it right on Cowboy Circle (but I stuck to it!).
It means  I managed to  complete Amy's "One thing - one week- Challenge";
 knowing without it there would still be 3 quilts waiting for binding in my house....

I also got the binding on another quilt, but it needs the final sewing -
so you can still see the pins sticking out every inch or so.
It's been a learning curve for me how to sew on a binding by machine.
They aren't perfect, but every time I try it, I learn  something new...
I added some more blocks for the Music Bloom quilt
(they look meaningless alone on the floor, but there is a plan... :)

Then today I just needed some easy strip sewing
(& stash busting - Sunday's report was NG ...)
and did a quilt top following Mary's instruction
The photo doesn't do it justice:
the green fabric are guitars and the pink are flowers.
Most likely it will also go to V for BASICS.

Ok, so this week I really have to sew some flying geese for Music Bloom -
I know I am procrastinating.
Maybe this will be my next One-week-one thing challenge?
Please go to Judy's Patchwork Times and see what other quilters are working on!
Happy sewing,


  1. Your quilts turned out so nice. I am waffling on making a circle quilt with my Moda's Hello Betty. I have a raw edge applique pattern in a magazine. You really have worked hard on the finished, yea!! The quick strippie is cute.

    I am too afraid to try the machine bindings. My fingers are really sore from the hand stitching so I am going to have to just read the tutorial again and try soon. I have to be in the mood, I guess.

  2. You've really been busy. I'm going to have to look in your archives to see about your music bloom quilt. It looks and sounds interesting.

  3. Wow you've got lots going on here! Love that circle quilt, aren't those fun?

    I do all my bindings by machine, but they need some improvement... I keep trying different methods.

  4. The circles look good. I must stretch one day and make circles. but there is time for that.

    glen in louisiana (or just g this morning)

  5. Hooray for finishes!!! They all look great.

  6. woo-hoo on finishes-it's a great feeling! I'm trying to master the machine binding technique too, so far I've only tried it on small projects.

  7. I really love your circle quilt. I would love to do one but cutting all those circles seems a bit daunting. I love that you have so many projects to choose from: my way of working.


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