Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Siesta block

I attempted the "Summer Siesta" block (out of Quiltmaker May/ June 2010), because it looked beautiful - and there was no bias involved!
Just a few pic's that hopefully show the different sections and the sewing process:
As you can see in picture with the green cutting mat, there is quite some scraps you are cutting off.



  1. How Funny! I was just looking at this pattern in the magazine right before I got on the computer to look at blogs! This is a great block!

  2. Me too. Just looked at the pattern yesterday. I really like the pattern. Your blocks look great.

  3. Your block is lovely. I would be a little afraid of it because even though there's no bias involved in making the block, after you've trimmed it, all the outside edges seem to end up being bias edges ... or am I missing something?


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