Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little bit each day

I try to sew a little bit each day, but it doesn't always happen. If I really think about it, I am probably more likely to walk/ exercise each day than to sew. Even though I love both activities.
Anyways, today I managed to sew block # 4 of Summer Siesta and arranged them with no sashing. Only one block has been cut to size and the adjoining 2 blocks fit right in. I need to cut them to size when I am fully awake & alert before I regret my mess-ups...
In order to end up with a decent size wall hanging, I will most likely add sashing, but I like it this way as well. Too bad I ran out of both greens - or I would have sewn some more of these super blocks with  a finished size of 14 1/2".

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