Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Quilt - Day 4

What can I say: I finished all 18 blocks from day 3 of Judy's Memorial Day Quilt. And 2 blocks are completed for today - that means 15 more blocks to go... tomorrow...

Good night,


  1. Looking good Barb, keep up the good work.
    Happy Room Diana

  2. Way to go Barb! It's turning out very nicely. You must be feeling better and/or you have the week off??? Hope it's both! Enjoy the weekend - nice weather for a change.

  3. Wow, look at you go! I'm hoping to have day 4 completed this morning! Isn't this a fabulous design!!

  4. It looks great so far, I am doing one too but am not as far as you are!


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