Saturday, April 3, 2010

Productive days off...

With a couple of days off from work, I managed to:
1) Finally start inline skating in Stoney Creek Metro Park
2) Sew some more house blocks for Bumble Beans (see photo)
3) Buy some more fabric, (grmph) which I needed for 'Simply a Bloom' sashing or so I tell myself
4) Finished the heel on another sock & half of the foot, now renamed as Easter sock
5) Attend my first ever Quilt Guild meeting - and sign up for the membership!

I met some real nice people at the Oakland Quilt Guild - and saw amazing Antique Quilts. There will be a Quilt Show "Quilt Celebration 2010" next weekend in Lake Orion, and I am planning to go & have a look on Saturday. Thank you so much Judy for taking me under your wing! Thank you also to Marybeth (spelling? am I already messing up names?) I am hoping for many more interesting guild meets with real nice people!
That list also means I have to sew some more before tomorrow's stash report to keep my in-out balance somewhat under control.

Happy Easter,

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  1. Hi Barb! Thanks for inviting me to the quild meeting - didn't make it with some other family stuff going on, but it sounds fun. Can non-members attend for free, or do you have to sign up to go? Wish I could go to the Quilt Show, but my son and I are travelling to New York for my grandma's 90th birthday - she's the one who got my mom, then me, interested in quilting, so this will be very special! Here's my email if you'd like to respond that way: sarah (dot) leight (at) sbcglobal (dot) net


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