Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First quilt blocks

I just read Bumble Beans request for more blocks for her BASICS home gather project. So I looked for my very first ever quilt blocks and pulled them out. It was a Hancocks Fabric BOM from a couple of years ago...
If you don't like Blue, Green and Yellow - you're out o'luck. And yes: they are bright, I mean BRIGHT!

They are about 12 " square - probably meant to be 12 1/2", but remember this is my very first project and 1/4 inch didn't mean anything to me...I got a total of 12 different blocks.
V, if you think you could cut tilted (?) or wonky 10 1/2" blocks out of them or if you want me to do it: they are yours. Maybe you have an even better way of using them? Obviously if you hate them and don't see any use for them, I understand. What can I say: they are "special" in color and chosen pattern.

Please let me know in my comments!

Thanks, Barb


  1. They are gorgeous. Love those colors.
    Mary C.

  2. I, too, love the bright colors. They would make a wonderful baby quilt!


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