Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sock - census

I am seeing all these Census reminders on the road - and I thought I better get a "sock census" going on in my house. After the last 2 glorious finishes,this is what I came up with:
You can see that the pink-red one on the left shows the toe syndrome and I just pulled the stitches onto a safety pin, so that I could use the needles for another sock. I really have to do another kitchener stitch session and get a quick finish.
The dark string/ tube one the right is easy to knit, but suddenly it was too tedious ( needle size wise, nothing printed on it, I guess it's a 2.25mm) and late in the evening too dark to do without proper lighting.
And of course I needed an excuse to start the orange-pink green sock (2nd from the left): for one it is on needle size US3 and for two it is colorful like spring - and I needed that!
Now as for the green stripe sock: this is the 2nd one of a pair and it's ok to knit, just small needle size of 2.5mm (no US #)... Well, that's the story and I am stickin' to it!

Census results: 4 socks in the works in my household

As for my sewing/ quilting: I really have to get the Jelly roll quilt along block going - and some more house blocks for Bumble Beans house block gather. The good news is: I finally (after far too many weeks to count) started quilting the baby panel quilt with a baptist fan / EZ boards. I have never used the Baptist fan boards before and wasn't quite sure about the special treatment they needed. It wasn't half bad, just ran into trouble with the top thread breaking every other row and so I stopped, but it is half done and another session or 2 should finish it. These fans are an exercise for the Quilt for kids quilts that are waiting for completion.
That's it from my end, tomorrow is FRIDAY,

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