Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First House block

I figured I may as well test how easy this new laptop is to use for photos and blogging. So here is the very first house block I have ever made in my life and of course it is for BASICS home gather!My original idea was to make BumbleBeans house blocks, but when my hard drive crashed, I had no way of getting online and following her instructions. So I searched through some older magazines and came across this house ( McCalls Quilting October 2009) - and lo and behold it was for a 10 1/2 inches block.
I have managed to pre-cut quite some small print fabric and will make "lefties and righties" - if that is even a way of describing which way a house faces (in my eyes the pic shows a lefties). The production line of sewing house blocks will start soon. My goal is to eliminate my small prints fabrics - even though that may mean a lot of the houses will be done with the same fabric. Guess I have to count on all of you to add more & different house blocks and spread out my creations...

Got to run to the gym - wasn't feeling balanced enough on my feet to put on the x-country skis.
Have a good one,

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