Friday, February 12, 2010

Bumble Beans BASICS Home Gather

When I read Bumble Beans initiative to collect 10 1/2" house blocks in support of BASICS home gather I thought that would be a great "in-between" project.
Even though I only committed to 1 block I very much hope to do more. I just never know what life&work is going to throw at me and I don't like to promise and not deliver.
Please go and visit BASICS Home Gather - follow the instructions and sew a block or 2. You won't believe it, but I even managed to add the BASICS button to my side bar - and that on a Friday evening after a rather challenging work week - wahoo!
Hm, that means I am all set for Judy's Quiltathon: sew "Hoo's in the forest?" top and sew at least 1 house block for Bumble Beans.
All week I shuffled my fabrics around for "Hoo's..." (by Julie Herman) and finally broke down and bought (gasp) 2 yards of fabric. The look has changed for the better ( I think) and I look forward to sewing it together. This must be the first project where I actually cut all the pieces first, arranged (and re-arranged) them and then started sewing. A complete new concept for me - not yet sure if I like it or not.

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