Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wheel wedges

After a one day blogging break I have at least a bit of sewing to show for.

I finally liked my color placement for the "Wheel of love" and labeled all 52 wedges. Not necessarily one of my favorite things to do, especially crawling around on my design floor.

Since I cut the wedges from a layer cake, and used the straight edge for an outside edge, I am not cutting on a true grain line. Ultimately that is fine for me (though the Quilt police may think differently), but that also means I have to square off the small ends of the wedges.

I mainly did this on the inside curve of the wheel, so my outside curve has a choppy edge.

And I finished sewing one quarter of the wheel, yeah. Only 3 more to go!

On a different note I had another Paint Creek walk and the temperatures are - after a rainy & cool spell - summer like. I seem to remember last year we had to turn on the furnace in September. So right now every day without turning it on, is one day less with a heating bill. Nice - I like it! Let's see if we can make it into October!

Somehow I ended up with a page break and can't get rid of it. One of the mystery of Html publishing...

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