Sunday, September 20, 2009

One week blog anniversary

Exactly 1 week ago I started this blog, not really knowing then ( and now) what to expect. My summary today is:
* I have probably taken more pictures in the last week than in years before
* There must be a better way of storing pictures that you use in blog posts. I heard though that Flick'r sometimes is giving you trouble with sizing and cutting off the edge of photos.
* It takes a certain "schedule" to keep it going and not slack and just call it quits.
* I still haven't figured out how to place everything on the blog; photos and text have to many & big gaps; no clue about the "button" import and the "follower" thing doesn't seem quite right either.
All in all I am sure that I will continue - maybe not every day a posting, but probably most days as life allows.

I completely forgot about the door price I had received at the Quilt show: a little package for English Paper Piecing.
Hmm, me and hand sewing is not pretty ( see earlier posts) and the warning on the package: "Addicting and Contagious!" leaves me weary.
So for the moment I appreciate the package, but will put it aside.

Apart from that I had another nice 1 1/2 hour walk - keeping in mind that soon it will be too dark to walk in the evenings. Therefore I have to get my fill now before it is over.

Yes, it was a nice and relaxing weekend.

I hope you had a good one as well.


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