Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nature and more

In the morning I found this little guy sitting on my front steps screaming at the top of his ( small) lungs. Somehow he was not happy, but he wasn't really bothered by me.

Later on I drove to Wolcott Mill Metro Park where they had a Quilt Show. It was real small and I didn't take any photos at the event.

But I had a great walk on Settlers Trail and saw this nest. Luckily there were no wasps in sight.

And when I finished the trail, coming out of the woods just in time to see these Gliders. Only one made it onto the photos, but all together there was a group of 3.

As for some sewing: I finished 10 more blocks of the "Christmas Light Mystery Quilt" by Bonnie Hunter that has been featured in the last 2 issues of Quiltmaker Magazine. Now I just need to sew 7 more of the "red"blocks and I am ready for the next step in the November issue.

Today I wish I could have been in Duluth, Minnesota for the North Shore Inline Marathon, but it didn't happen. Maybe next year I will be in better shape without any remnants of my back issues. Who knows it might be even bigger in 2010 when they will be celebrating their 15th year.

I hope you had a nice and maybe productive Saturday as well.


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