Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday update

The last couple of days were spent outdoors, so not much going on on the craft side of things. Nevertheless I started another sock - even though it is not yet Socktober...

They will probably be called dragon socks due to the greenish color and the display... The yarn is great and size 3.25 needles get the sock(s) growing fast enough. It is a called Aqua Jacquards and I like how the colored wool pattern shows . It makes simple socks so much more interesting without any complicated pattern and counting of stitches. So they will be added to the list of socks to be completed in October. I had looked at one of my lonely socks, but somehow the starting of yarn didn't match up as in the 1st sock, so I am somewhat irritated and have to look for the perfect spot to start my 2nd sock.

As for my wheel of love, I checked a couple of pinkish fabrics as a background, but they didn't do it for me. So it's back to plan "A" and the background will be white. Maybe I will add a row of 2 - 2.5 inch squares around the wheel of the leftover fabric "Love is in the Air" that wasn't used for the wedges.

And one more photo for tonight: I saw the online version of Quilter's Magazine and they had a preview of the Christmas Mystery by Bonnie Hunter. So here is the current lay-out with a few more red squares still missing ( all the outside squares will be red).

I hope you had a decent start into your week.

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